How important is the idea of mystery in Christian faith?

Is it helpful or awkward in terms of evangelism and the defence of faith in a sceptical world? This five week course explores the idea of mystery in Christian scripture, theology, and spirituality. Drawing on the visual arts, music, and poetry, as well as philosophy and theology, sessions will focus on topics including mysticism and the via negativa (only saying what may not be said about God), revelation and incarnation, humility and knowledge.

Rather than being purely a lecture series, each session will mainly take the form of a seminar or guided conversation for which students will be invited to prepare by watching an online video presentation.

Tutor: The Rev'd Iain Lane, Tutor in Doctrine

Venue: Alban Room, St Albans Cathedral

Price: £60

Dates: Thursdays 3 October - 7 November (excl. 31 October)

This course can be taken as part of the Certificate in Theology, or Certificate in Theology Plus